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    Can anyone tell me when your hourly pay time starts, keep in mind I,m union and we do not meet at the shop every morning to start our day, we,re dispatched from home via nextell to our first job. The company says our pay doesn't start till we arrive on the job, but some drives are more than an hour away. I heard that a service tech or anyone that drives a service vehicle with a company logo on it should be paid from the moment they leave the house, they consider that advertising for the company? Does someone have an answer to this.

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    I suppose company policies vary, do they charge the customer beginning at the time you leave or arrive?

    Not that it matters but we are dispatched to our 1st call in the am from the shop, and thats when I start getting paid, while en-route to the 1st call.

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    We start 15 minutes after leaving the house, and stop 15 minutes before getting home.

    For those going to the shop, it starts at the shop.

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    It should be addressed in your locals agreement.
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    When I worked with the union , our start time was the time we began at the job didnt matter where the job site was, if it took two hours to get there from home it took two hours

    of course for the money we made it was well worth the drive
    and for me it usually was a two hour drive

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    My 2 cents

    1. I am a business owner
    2. I am a one man shop, but have worked for others.
    3. Travel time is company time! If it weren't, then how do tec's get to work?
    (company vehicle - personal vehicle)
    4. If I were a tec working for another company, I would want to be paid for unbillable time.....
    5. I used to have a full time tec, and I paid him for ALL company business, including picking up parts, getting gas, working on company vehicle, etc.....

    Either pay the tec to do company business, or hire someone else to do what the company needs done.....

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    Now I think you should be paid at 8 oclock in the shop if that is your starting time. Now service guys should be paid the same way if leaving from the shop. If you take your truck home and dont go to the shop, its from when you leave the house. Now if you live out in the middle of nowhere and have an hour or half hour to drive to drive I think some ajustment should be made. At gas prices nowdays I just wonder how many shops want to pay gas for a truck traveling all the way across town and miles out if there ia another tech in the area. I see the bigger shops are sure making more of an effort to find new employees that are living in the outlying areas that they never had an employee living in. That way they just stay out there and have a shop boy deliever parts to them, then having them running to town.
    I dont buy that the starting time is when you show up at a service that how the cusomer is billed? I dont think so. I charge both ways on travel being it costs me both ways. I did work for a commercial union shop that you just drove you vehical to the job and that was your start time from the job. That was ok being it was just like driving to the shop.

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    Why is this discussion taking place in "General Discussion?"

    IMHO this is not a subject for public consumption.

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    Originally posted by John Lloyd
    Why is this discussion taking place in "General Discussion?"

    IMHO this is not a subject for public consumption.

    Its ok John, I dont think the churches watch this site. Besides I dont see that its anything the general public should not see. I tell customers up front they pay travel both ways. How I pay the tech has no relation to how they pay anyway. IF the customer doesnt want to pay the rate or travel they can call someone else.

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    I get paid when I get to the shop till I leave the job (or get back to town if I'm a ways out). Personally I hate going to the shop every morning (it's 20 minutes away). A few times I need to pick stuff up, or build fittings. But the days I don't I wish I could just go to work. But that's how they've done it, and I play by thier rules.

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    Confused start time

    as far as how the time is billed if its a quoted maintenance, its been quoted at a set amount already. Either way the customer or the company isn't hurt because it either comes in under the quote time, or right at the quote time, no harm no foul! Company policy on service calls, is if you're at home and get called out, or in the field, the charge time starts when you leave home or when you leave the last job.

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    call your hall. they will have your answer.

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    The only correct answer for you is what your hall tells you.

    I have never been paid for travel time to a job from my home.

    One shop I worked for didn't charge the first call of the day travel time.
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