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    energy audits and blowerdoor testing

    So the community college I'm going to has this deal for low income people that they are sponsoring energy audits and blowerdoor testing classes. You get to take the courses in a group with other low income people and the tuition is covered through a grant that the school has received, only if enough people sign up. It seems like a nice way to get some education if you qualify. I'm going there to get some basic HVAC courses and I just wanted to get some opinions on how valuable taking some courses like these might be. From what I understand you de-pressurize the house with a blower, take readings look at a thermal imager and give the homeowner a report on your findings. They sell it to you as some easy way to bring in a lot of money. My thinking is that so you go through the program you get some hands on experience, which is good, but the equipment costs at least $10,000 dollars. So how do you go about getting hired with these skills and will you ever use what you have learned? Will this make me more hireable in HVAC? I'm not looking for a easy way, where all I do is just set up blowerdoors but when I hear free it gets my attention but I'm not just going to do it because of that.

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    Do it, most service people are clueless about this end of the business.This will help you out as you go on in your career.On a interview ,mention you attended this class.I recently had my house tested and it was interesting to watch.I didn't have any problems or issues.My friend wanted to practice on a house before going public with his new venture.

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    Anytime you can get a free education, do it. Right now you don't know how much it will help you in future endeavors. The more you learn, the more likely you will understand.

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    Everybody I am talking to seems to agree with you guys. It definetly can't hurt. I came into the school with my goal set for HVAC, which I'm really enjoying and it was my idea. The thing about this program that seems nice is that they will offer you work at the end of it and they pay for it. It seems like a sure bet, why couldn't they give me a program for HVAC like that, I'd jump on that before I'd blink. For now I'll get all the information and stick to it, if I can't find any apprenticeships for HVAC.

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