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    Who makes Frigidaire? Does anyone have any experience with it? I'm checking out Frigidaire because a local contractor that I trust and has very competitive prices is recommending it. I'm looking into a dual fuel source with an 80% gas furnace and a 13 SEER heat pump. I live on Signal Mountain, TN (SE Tennessee) and our climate is fairly moderate. Our natural gas prices are rising rapidly and our electric rates are about the best in the country. I do want to stick with gas as a backup source since we often have localize power outages on the mountain and a portable generator can keep the house heated. Any thoughts?

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    It is made by Nordyne. You can check them out at They are a nice unit with a great warranty.
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    If it gets too cold up there you can always slide down W Road and find a cozy apartment in Redbank.

    Thank goodness you have TVA to keep your power rates down and ever since Atlanta Gas Light took over Chattanooga Gas Company the rates have been inching up and up.

    For either L O Mountain or S Mountain a heat pump is great with dual fuel. You are on the right track but there is so much more to the purchasing of a new unit than the price. Trusting your contractor is one thing, having a long term business relation is another. He must sell Frigidaire systems as his front line product. Just for grins and giggles ask him to price you a Trane and have him show you the difference in their product not just the price.

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    Your assumptions are correct that my trusted contractor is a Frigidaire dealer. I have been checking around about pricing and ideas. I do have sticker shock however. I also can't get over the wide range of estimates for the same work and similar systems. I guess I'm getting the mountain price from some contractors. Fortunately my trusted contractor is one of the lowest estimates. I am trying to estimate a cost/benefit. I don't want to buy something just because it has some fancy gizmo that I might never use. At the same time I'm willing to spend a little more for something that will add comfort, reliability, and reduced energy consumption. It's also difficulty to compare apples to apples in comparing different manufacturers and models. Specs are not easily available from every manufacturer. I just want to make an informed decision.

    I'm also bias towards electricity since I do work for TVA.

    The golf course is looking great!

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    There are few things this old Brainerd boy has learned from this site when it comes to a residential installation.
    ( I am commercial only )

    1. Do a heat load calculation to make sure you have the correct sized unit.

    2. Have your exsisting duct inspected before a new install.

    3. Variable speed blowers add savings and comfort.

    4. Install a TXV as the metering device for increased performance.

    5. Vision Pro thermostats are the way to go.

    6. Purchase a spring and fall seasonal check up from your dealer with your 5 year warranty.

    and most importantly... the older you get the harder is it to correct a fade.

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    the older you get the harder is it to correct a fade.
    You can get Viagra for that!

    Absolutely look at dual fuel. The Vision Pro thermostat functions as your "dual fuel kit" which interfaces the 2 heating appliances. You can adjust at the stat changeover temp, colder the better. Usually runs 30-35 out to switch to gas.

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    Originally posted by coolwhip
    It is made by Nordyne. You can check them out at They are a nice unit with a great warranty.
    I like it too and think you can't do any better with any other brand.
    The factory back up to techs is fantastic and the company does not have a big corporate attitude.

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    This unit is made by nordyne and has a very good warrenty. We have installed a few of these and are very satsified with them. Not the big brand name as the others but a very reliable unit.Combine this with a vision pro and i think you will be very satisfied with the results. By all means make sure to do a heat load caculation.
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    Nordyne products are pretty reliable. When I switched to Nordyne from another brand my warranty work reduced by 80%. I have installed them in my house. There are other brands that may be better buy Nordyne is a very good value for your dollars.

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    I sell both Nordyne and Frigidare and have no complaints with the units. They have a great warrenty and are relatively easy to work on.
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    Fridgare - 8 year warranty.
    Trane - 5 year warranty.
    Trane and Fridgdare are both good equipment with low warranty calls.

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    rsmith46 - Depends which Trane you are talking about. The Upper end XLxxi series has 10 years on all parts including the thermostat if installed as a system.

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