IPI Ignition Problem
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    I have installed a Heat n glo Twilight model - really cool. The ignition is intermittent. I can see and hear the spark yet it won't ignite when it is cold. If I take the glass off, a match will ignite the pilot easily every time - so gas is available. Once the unit is warmed either by being turned on after using a match or late in the day after sun has warmed the box, it works fine. Any ideas?

    Questions - does the spark generator need to arc across to another piece of metal?

    Could the spark generator be bent and be missing the gas flow?

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    igniter gap

    Sound like the igniter gap is off. Try adjusting to about 3/16ths inch btw the tip of the igniter and the pilot burner hood. Since Twilight vents to the outdoors directly out of the top grille, there could be some interference from atmospheric conditions. For instance, we've seen some incidents where the IPI keeps sparking even after the pilot lights due to moisture condensing on the igniter.

    Contact HG Tech Services at 877-228-5012. In addition to assisting you, this will get that Fp serial # into their computer system to better assist you should you need it in the future.

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    to chimney doc - is the ignitor gap the space between the ignitor rod and the pilot hoof and is the rod bendable? Thanks

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    Exclamation igniter adjustments

    You can grab the base of the igniter metal rod where it enters the ceramic insulator with one needle nose plier while you bend the tip with the other. If you use one plier, you'll probably crack the insulator. You can bend it a teeny bit but not much. Make sure it is clean, no cracks in the insulator, the wire is intact all the way from the module (orange wire),and scrub the igniter tip with fine steel wool. Make sure you have a world class ground, too.
    You also need to do a full diagnostic check, esp. inlet gas pressure. If you are not trained or equipped to perform these tests, hire a qualified technician. HG Tech Support should be able to find someone for you.

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