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    It's a pellet insert and the price seems reasonable. It's a Vulcan V50i


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    Not sure if people are afraid to click the link or something. just shortens the link, original link here:

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    Haven't had any experience with this particular brand or model. I just want to give you a heads up on owning a pellet stove if you have not owned one before. It is very important to follow the installation instructions to the letter. If you think you are not capable of installing it in a safe manner than have a pro install it for you. Clearances to combustibles must meet or exceed the installation instructions, your local codes overide. Pull a permit if needed, and if no permit is required have someone from your local fire dept inspect it for you. Let your homeowners insurance company know you are burning wood pellets, true your premium may go up slightly but at least if something were to go wrong, your insurance will pay. Remember this stove will more than likely be operating when you are not home, so a safe installation is more important than ever. Don't believe all the sales hype you may hear. They do require maintenance, and the flue system needs to be checked and cleaned regulary. Simpsons Duravent is the flue you will most likely be using must be checked and brushed out monthly as is written in their manual. Ashes must be cleaned out of the burn pot regulary (most likely daily). These stoves are truly a miracle, but there is some work in maintaining them, just not as much as a regular wood stove. Hope this helps.

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