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    Osiyo - well put and thanks for the clarification with what I said - again I did have a disclaimer though "I don't know much about computer programming languages". ;o) Thanks for your input though - cleared up some stuff for me.
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    great input,thanks all.

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    Originally posted by crab master
    again I did have a disclaimer though "I don't know much about computer programming languages". ;o) Thanks for your input though - cleared up some stuff for me.
    LOL ... that's okay, I don't know much about computer programming languages either. Nor about much of anything else. Used to think I did. But then, as I learned more ... about all sorts of things ... I grew to realize something. And that's how much there was out there which I still did not know.

    Now, that bothered me, for a bit. Until I thought about it further. And realized a few things.

    1) Nobody out there in the world knows everything. And often, they don't know as much as they think they do. So I've got a lot of company in my ignorance. I'm in no danger of being lonely or feeling out of place and not one of the crowd.

    2) Since I don't know everything, I've got something to look forward to. I can get up every morning with the realistic expectation that today ... I can learn something new. Life is an adventure. Whew !!! At least I'm in no danger of being bored to death because I already know everything.

    3) Since I realized the true depth of my ignorance, I've learned this is actually advantageous. I tend to approach things and people with a more open mind. I don't jump to conclusions so easily nor make as many "assumptions". I'm more willing to listen and learn. From anyone. As a result, I've learned a lot of new things I might have otherwise missed. ie A couple weeks ago I spent some time with a balancer. I had no one else to use to assist him, without pulling em off another job. Now this fellow is an older one, ex-tin bender. And not exactly the sharpest tack in box, if you know what I mean. But we made chat, and I listened, watched, and asked questions. And found out that while this fellow might not be the best talker, didn't know a lot of fancy words and terms ... he did know a LOT of things I didn't know. Or didn't know well. He seemed a fumbling sort, he seemed slow ... of action and mind, etc. But there turned out to be a method to his madness, as the old saying goes. And it turns out he was simply being meticulous and forming a "big picture" in his head of the overall plant. And was going back to this or that from time to time to recheck, and confirm his thoughts. With the result that he found and noticed numerous things others had missed. He was the third balancer to go thru this one building that was a problem child. Besides the balancers, several engineers from various companies had tried to identify and solve issues with that building which were long standing. All had failed. By the time this guy was done, she was tuned to the T's. Except for two areas that'd need new work by pipefittters and tin benders to fix some problems he'd found that everyone else had missed. And I'd learned a lot from him.

    This makes life more interesting, since I've found that one can learn little "treasures" from almost anyone else.

    4) I've found that while I'm a jack of all trades, so to speak. With SOME knowledge of a lot of things. But master of none. And have decided that's not a BAD thing. Not at all. After all, it's how I got the kind of jobs I have, and have had. Doing what I do requires one to have a broad background, rather than a highly specialized one.

    ie I think of a certain pipefitter with our company. Who begged ... and worked at it... to be shifted over to the automation side. In the past he'd worked himself into a niche. As a chiller specialist. And was VERY good at it, one of the very best. But after a few years of being Mr Chiller, he found himself being bored half to death. Mostly he did the same old things, day in and day out. Same sort of work, every day. After a while, there was nothing much of any sort of chiller he didn't know or hadn't done. Numerous times. And work had become drudgery rather than fun and interesting. He wanted OUT of his pigeon hole. And managed to get out of it, and is much happier these days.

    And I think of one of our programming specialists. Who has worked his way into a full time BAS programming position. Not a bad gig. Has his own office, lots an lots of toys to play with. At any one time he's usually got 2 desktops and a laptop going at the same time. Has a nice chair, one of the best money can buy, since he occupies it a LOT. Knows more about progamming; DDC equipment, PLCs, or Windows C, C++, VB, HTML, etc than I'll ever know. I'm not shabby, but don't hold a candle compared to him. However, as a result, that's all he ever does.

    Hmmmm. Me, on any particular day I'm often not sure what I'll be doing. Might be doing CAD or Visio work. Creating a new Excel worksheet to accomplish some task. Writing or modifying or debugging a line code program. Be out and about figuring out the best wire run for a new job. Be troubleshooting a system or component; BAS, AHU, boiler, chiller, VFD, or whatever. Answering customer questions and complaints. Holding training for a customer. Modifying a head end graphic screen. Tuning a PID loop in a troublesome system. Helping a guy pull wire. Or helping some other guy who's got Widget A that needs to be installed in some seemingly impossible place. Who's asked my advice and opinion, because I've done a lot of different stuff, and can usually find a way. Whatever.

    Every day is an adventure, for me.

    So I've decided I'm happy in my blissful ignorance. And can live with the fact I don't know everything about any particular subject. And am expert on none.

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