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    Does anyone use the Lennox software to connect to the IMC boards in L series units for troubleshooting purposes?

    Does it make troubleshooting and testing easier then working thru all those button presses on the board? How much is the software? and can you use a regular RS485 converter or do you need the Lennox one?

    Bottom line is it worth the money?


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    We do not own this software, however I will be speaking with my Lennox rep regarding a sectra system tommarow and will get a price on this and will post once I have the info

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    UC Software

    If you network the rooftops and access all the
    setups from someplace comfortable instead of on
    the roof then it was worth the money.

    You can download an emulator here:

    It's a simulated network (no converter or actual network
    required) but you can play around and see if you think it
    will be useful. The software may or may not work with
    other 485 converters so you can experiment if you wish.

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    I've used it and it is alot easier to program the units if you have multiple units, you can do global settings or select the units you want to change, You can also make all your changes and upload once. You can also see more info at one time on the screen. I've only used their rs232 connector so I don't knw about using anything else.

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