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    Originally posted by gruvn
    K, should of called me up, what were you doing here ?

    You a Tribe fan ?

    Are you a Browns fan also? I have a few games left if your interested in going.I have season tickets and sell most of them, but I still have the Dolphins on Nov 20 the Bengals on Dec 11, and Pittsburgh on Dec 24, probably can't go with you on Dec 24th,It wouldn't look to good entertaining a client on Xmas eve, she may frown on that.

    [Edited by gruvn on 10-03-2005 at 01:02 PM]
    Yes, I'm a fan of the Tribe... I live in Indiana, but make the drive when I can! So I take it you live in the area?

    I'm not much of a Browns fan... But thanks for asking! The Pittsburg game would be a good one, but Dec. 24th is already booked in my "sporting calendar"... I'll be in Charlotte watching the Panthers and Cowboys!

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    Sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to meeting you. Keep me in my mind next time you're in town.

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    You're passing up good hard to get Dawg Pound tickets, and a weekend of fun.C'mon you'll have a blast lets to the Bengals game.

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    That is sooooo tempting! But I will be out of town that weekend... My birthday is the 8th, and my man has something planned for me that weekend.

    Cincinnati is kind of a drive for me... About 5 hours from where I'm at. That would be a good game too though... Aren't the Bengals 4-0?

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    Sorry, Its not Cincy, its Jax on the 4th. Had to look at the tickets.

    It Jax on the 4th of Dec,

    Miami on 11 20

    and Pitt on 12 24

    Take your pick

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    How 'bout them White Sox????

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    As a Red Sox fan. I'm pissed off. They played more like the Royals than World Champions. The blame rests completely on the shoulders of Theo Epstein. His magic is gone.

    Who cares who wins if the Yanks or Red Sox aren't in the WS?

    But if I have to root for a team, I'll probably pick the Angels. They have a great shortstop named Cabrera. How come the Red Sox don't get players like that?

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