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    Confused urgent question to york 56 and all

    i have yaep chiller york but made in china the chiller fault: SYS 1 CURRENT/MP/HPX and sys 2 timer then sys2 failed after about 3-4 second of contacts
    i think the chiller must have sun shield kit because the manual said :Sun Shield Kit
    Sun shield kit to provide shade / air gap around the
    power and control panels to prevent overheating due to
    solar gain on applications above 38°C ambient.
    and our chiller not fault when ambient less than 38
    im test the contactors of compressors and i also find acarbon and attach apic
    notice the chiller not operate more than 600 hour (its new)

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    Motasim, 38°C ambient is nothing special and the chiller should work under these conditions. The sun shield kit can be fitted to reduce the impact of direct sun radiation to the control and power section, which could lead to higher internal cabinet temperatures (premature ageing and failure of electronic components). The fact, that the chiller is new doesn´t mean anything if it hasn´t been comissioned properly or operating outside its limitations. If you are looking for (my) assistance you have to provide more information, such as a running / fault log (pressure and temperature readings). What was the chilled water leaving temperature, suction pressure, discharge pressure, liquid subcooling, cooler delta t, ambient temperatur, suction temperature........
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    I guess you should reset HP pressostat.

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    i should say that is a typical problem with the Texas Instruments Klixon 2ACE.
    Just make sure you thigh up the connection and also inside the compressor junction box, clean the connections because oxidation and humidity can cause this troubles, and like narkom said tight up the coils on the HP switches and reset them

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