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    Seeking HVAC bids for PDX home addition; hydronic and ductless a/c


    I'm looking for HVAC contractors in Portland, Oregon who are well versed in hydronic heat as well as ductless a/c. I'm gearing up for a 1k sq/ft two story residential addition and looking for near-term bids. The plans have been approved with the county.

    Current system is hot water baseboard with a 25+ year old Thorn/EMI Apollo natural gas boiler feeding three zones. There is no a/c in the house. Here are my needs:

    - replace existing boiler
    - add two new heat zones
    - replace existing hot water tank with indirect fired tank fed by boiler OR tankless OR ???
    - multi-zone ductless a/c or heat pump to cool addition and possibly more

    If it's not appropriate to solicit for bids on this forum, I will edit/delete the post. Please reply via PM with contact info, web site, etc if interested.



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    It says you are blocking messages but please call me Monday I'd it's not to late I can help you or at least direct you to good contractors.

    Sky heating and air conditioning. In business since 1979

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    Jim. As a regular guest, you don't have PM ability. Put your email in your profile.

    Then call Skyheating.
    Contractor locator map


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