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Thread: I hate bees!

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    Look Steve has his “bucket” over by the unit.

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    Mowing my yard practically guarantees a yj attack at leats twice during the summer. Now I'm afraid of all the holes.

    I can light outta there like a gazelle if somethiong gets on me an bites-ZOOM, Only the ones actually hanging on keep up.
    Last time it was a run for 50', flurry hands all over, then repeat, got 150' down the street beforew I lost them. Must have been funny to see the crazy yellow jacket dance.

    And those puppies are hard to kill! slammed a 1/2 can of spary down one hole and they got me again 2 week later. But the gas worked, HAHA. found two nests in one week this year. I must have found a dozen nests the last few years. All the hard way.
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    I come across lots of wasp nests in RTU's. I usually just leave them alone and they leave me alone. I know that I'll be back in the fall for heating PM. That's when the nest comes down. If the nest is small enough I just knock it down in the summer. I've been stung before and it doesn't bother me too much, just pisses me off more than anything.

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    sum*****es stung me yesterday my arm is all swolen up
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