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    why is it when I try to post and hit submit that stupid white page comes up saying the page cannot be displayed and i have to try several times before it will go through?

    This has been happening since friday and starting to piss me off. I NEVER had trouble before, now all of a sudden it's acting up.

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    It must be your confusor or your connection. If you're using that stupid Firefox dump it and go back to IE.

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    I get it sometimes too. But when I check to see if it does and I don't have to keep submitting.

    I have experienced this on Netscape and Firefox.
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    This has happened to me also a few times, ever since downloading Firefox, may have to get those computer geeks afterall...cause i'm just a heating guy

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    I've used firefox for the last year, I have not had one problem with this site.

    When I do have a problem it's usually the pages loading slow. I just shut down the browser and restart, it then works fine.

    I am on a laptop, I put it to sleep at night, this computer doesn't like that too much, I usually have to restart all the programs.
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    I don't use firefox and have been having the same problems. I have to submit it once or twice and then it goes through. At the same time the site seems to be slow lately. I don't have any problems any place I visit and when I log on at work using Broadband I sometimes have the same problem. I just figured it was user error!

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    Problem is at the site.
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    Originally posted by square2round
    I get it sometimes too. But when I check to see if it does and I don't have to keep submitting.

    Yep, same here, every once in awhile, not often.
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