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    I got a phone call today on my cell phone from this number. When I answered it...there was no response. I called it back, but it said the number could not be dialed.

    A while later I got another call from 0000000000. Called back with the same response.

    I called the operator to see if they knew anything. She said they are probably telemarketers.

    Anybody else get this? I think that "do not call" list for cell phones is bullcrap. I figure if telemarketers want your number...they'll get it. Maybe I should put my number on it anyway.
    Get back to work.

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    I know my cell is on call reveal and if you have a private number you have to type it in. The downside of call reveal is you can punch in any numbers and the call will go through and whatever hoaky number they punched in is what shows up. I just don't answer when it comes up like that and if it's important they will leave a message.

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