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Thread: Honeywell XL50

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    Consultant/Mentor Wanted...

    Well, I've gone and done it...

    I managed to get handed an HVAC job, because we're out in the sticks here and the closest company to manage the thing is 3 hours away.

    Sooo... I'm looking for someone who might want to make a few bucks by answering stupid questions, giving me direction, and pointing me on a path to get certified -- all the while learning this system.

    Here's what I can tell you, at this point, if you're interested...

    Much of the system, located in multiple buildings, is Honeywell with XL50 controllers, running C-Bus @ 9600 baud. A few locations have modem access, so they dial from one room to the one next door (go figure!)

    There are a few current problems, one of which I believe is a defective XL50 controller (intermittent restart, loss of communication).

    I'm not a complete moron - I work in electronic communications and computers, and started in appliance repair before going in to building maintenance (that's been a few years!)

    If you're interested, drop me a line at and let's work out a deal...

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    I have tried to email you several times but can't get through. My email is is in my profile and my credentials

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