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    If you slept as long as Rip Van Winkle you would still be ugly............
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    Hey Lips, read my profile - you might be in the same boat I was in... having to start a new trade at age 46 isn't easy. I went to trade school, and upon graduation, I had many interviews with HVAC companies. I have a 25 yr. background in mechanical/electrical, but when you say you have zero HVAC experience, they're not too interested.

    I did finally land a job doing residential/light commercial service work. They started me out doing PM's, installs, and then service. I got three very nice raises in the first year with the company... they are very happy with me, and I'm glad they gave me the chance to learn the job.

    On the down side... they were the only company to make me an offer out of about the dozen that I applied to...

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    Originally posted by doglips
    Is it hard for older people to find a job in the HVAC Field?

    We were talking around school today about the different ages of the students from early twenties to my age (42) about how the younger "kids" will have an easier time getting a job than us "old guys"...I was curious what you all have seen or experienced in the real world of HVAC/R.

    Is it hard for 40 yr olds to start out in this field or get hired by companies?

    At what age do companies seem to not want someone?

    How is the Job market for both 20 and 40 yr olds?

    ON a side note...ACDON your in my area (I'm in Cocoa)...what's the wages like around here?
    I think the problem with older but quite capable folks trying to land a job is partially reflective of a society that seems to worship youth.

    True, youth has some great bennies. Good looks (maybe), a full head of hair (for most folks), stamina, few night's sleep interrupted by trips to the commode (if one even bothered going to sleep), less responsibility and seemingly more freedom.

    I remember youth being an awkward time. The young'uns chafe against the older folks 'cause the young'uns are eager to make their mark on the world but don't know jack squat how to go about it although they're quite convinced they have the goods. Youth to me is restless, not yet settled, not yet quietly self confident. Not firm ground for stability.
    Youth wants what it doesn't quite yet know how to get; concurrently the drive and often arrogance remains to push toward what it wants. All while spurning the earned wisdom of the elder, dismissing it as "uncool".

    What's missing is what R12 often rants about on this board; mentorship...older folks molding and shaping the younger set to steadily mature in life and in the trade. For centuries, societies all over the globe practiced mentorship, yet suddenly the 20th and 21st century civilization is too advanced and sophisticated for that.

    The "instant gratification" fixation prevailant today has been fertile ground for the disdain for earned costs more to hire and hold experience and knowledge. Stick a young'un in there and see if even as he hacks his way through, it comes out cheaper than the older guy getting it right the first time through. Git r' dun, blow onto the next job, git 'r dun, onto the next, ad infinitum. Rake in the cash through volume, not quality.

    Alright, that's my rant for tonight.

    • Electricity makes refrigeration happen.
    • Refrigeration makes the HVAC psychrometric process happen.
    • HVAC pyschrometrics is what makes indoor human comfort happen...IF the ducts AND the building envelope cooperate.

    A building is NOT beautiful unless it is also comfortable.

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    I also started in this trade at a late age. After 20 plus years in aviation, I saw there was not much of a future left. I finished school when I was 45 and got hired by a small residential company the same day. Not much of a company, but it was a start. I have to admit that some days I physically feel like I got hit by a bus, but for the most part it has been pretty rewarding. Age is only a number and if you carry yourself well, you should have no problem finding work. Good luck.
    Silence is golden - Duct Tape is Silver!

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Originally posted by senior tech
    Okay, I'm over 40 and want a job...only requirement(s) as follows:

    Only acceptable location is Hawaii

    Hours of work...let's say...1pm til 2pm (guys gotta have free time)

    Pay scale 250 thou a year unless you provide all room and board then I'll drop to 240 thou a year.

    Any takers?
    That's a tempting offer.
    Could ya possibly go from 1 till 2:30?
    And will ya work in Cleveland...and how about $2500 a year?
    Dice, whats up with the Cleveland stuff ?

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    Originally posted by gruvn
    Dice, whats up with the Cleveland stuff ?
    He's sending all the over 40 crowd up to be with you Fatso.

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    Yes it is harder for an older person to get into the field, I personally would not consider hiring someone at 45 with no experience. Sorry but thats th ereal world, now if you had experience then age is not a factor, in fact the older the better, but age coupled with no experience is a bad recipe.

    Although I don't consider 42 to be old.

    [Edited by gruvn on 09-27-2005 at 09:41 PM]

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    42 is ancient.

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    Originally posted by mattm
    42 is ancient.
    IS NOT
    Be safe not fast. body parts don't grow back

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    Hound & Rep, I like what ya say there.

    But the truth of the matter ... it just makes me sick.

    and as far as being fit to carry a three horse up to the roof ??? how about service managers demanding/ expecting you to carry up A FIVE!!! By your self!
    Along with all the other crap you gotta get up there nowadays...
    You spend more energy in transport of equipment than you do in actual hands on time R & R the compressor!

    And let's not factor in the time it takes if your doing your work on an RTU at a MALL!!! With NO freight elevator!!!

    Another issue someone brought up ... "diagnosing accurately in a reasonable time frame."
    The way I was brought up in this trade, you make your diagnosis in twenty minutes! It may take ALL DAY LONG to fix it, but you walk in and figure out what's broke and you do this in 20 minutes!
    Then you get started making the repairs necessary to bring that system back online.
    This is Commercial Refrigeration/ A-C work I am speaking about here.
    Not residential!

    I walked into a meat packing plant one time. In a few minutes I had it figured out what was wrong. This one system was out of refrigerant.

    Now it took ninety minutes to find that leak. I had to do some climbing around.
    But once it was diagnosed .... there was nothing in the way of persuing the problem.
    Then once the hole was found, it didnt take long to brase over where the line wore thru and then evacuate and charge it up.
    Oh sure ... cores needed to be replaced. But that got done AFTER it was back online and cooling the product again.

    So ... all in all, we seem to be in agreement with what a man should be able to perform, irregardless of his or her age.

    If young guys would listen AND demonstrate apropriate respect for the old farts in the world ... we would have a completely different industry!!!
    But it's not 100% their fault. They simply made their own choices and those were tainted by watching their parents disrespect THEIR elders!
    So ... "monkey see/ monkey do".

    My Dad had some prejudices about certain people. So I grew up acting like he did towards some folks.
    But as an adult, I began making up my own mind about what was right and wrong.
    In the process, I discovered my Dad had been wrong.

    So ... despite how these younger guys were raised today ... if they are going to grow up and MATURE ... IF ...then they better make up their own minds about what is right and what is wrong!

    Cause exercising disresepct is WRONG ... and I dont care who the recipient is.
    Unless of course ... the recipient is a jerk ... then they should avoid that type of person at all costs!

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    It is goiung to depend upon the person doing the hiring. Its all about his bias period.
    If hes been burned by the young uns he may consider an older guy.

    most likely he will go for the younger set
    Having said that I have noticed allot og greyhairs behind the counter at the fast food joints so they are hiring older people and that may be a sign that times are changing - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

    Gonads serve a useful purpose but are no substitute for brains

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    Yo.... Here!, I'm right here..
    I gotta go with gruvn on this one,

    Hell 30 starting out is too old

    I don't understand all the career change applications we get at 40+, this is not something you pick up in a year or two.

    Do these guys get up one day at 40 years old and decide to now get an education and learn a trade, I guess no one told them it takes 5 + years to learn a trade, and it cost the company big bucks to train them for that 5+ years where is the payback for the company investment.

    The tech schools should take them aside and explain it to them but I guess all they see is $$$$$$$$$

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    Originally posted by pjs

    Do these guys get up one day at 40 years old and decide to now get an education and learn a trade, I guess no one told them it takes 5 + years to learn a trade, and it cost the company big bucks to train them for that 5+ years where is the payback for the company investment.

    The tech schools should take them aside and explain it to them but I guess all they see is $$$$$$$$$

    Well pjs, I didn't get up one day at age 45 and decide to learn a new trade... I had to do it for survival after the company I had been with for 25 yrs was bought out, and moved overseas. That seems to be the trend with a lot American manufacturing companies these days... there is no future in it anymore.

    You're right about the trade schools, they are a racket - mostly interested in your dollars. In my class of 18 students, 13 of us were displaced middle-aged workers who had lost good jobs to foreign markets. Most of the guys in my class didn't stand a chance at a career in HVAC though, - they had zero mechanical, or electrical knowledge, and the inability to grasp it. The school just moved them along in order to keep getting their $$$$, and they kept pumping us up with that bull$hit that we would be "in demand mid-level techs" when we graduated, and that "HVAC companies would be fighting over us". Ha, ha, ha! what a friggin' joke!

    Out of our class of 18, only 4 of us are actively working in the field today... it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure out who those guys were going to be after only one week of school.

    So, when you come across an older person trying to get into the trade, don't automatically dismiss him/her - see where he/she has been, and what they're background is. Who knows, they may turn out to be a gret employee in time, but best of all, you can get us for cheap! (how do you put those smiley faces in here?)

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