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    Ok I was looking at a majestic fsdv42rn tonight. I dont get a lot of calls on fireplces but its a regular customer. His units pilot keeps going out when its windy. Now being he hasnt lived their all that long an it was an existing house he doesnt really know if that problem has been there all the time . He just knows it has been occuring more often being he put a roof over his patio and the majestic has a direct vent going onto that patio. There are two sides open to the patio and I wonder if when the wind blows hard wether it causes enough pressure to blow out the pilot being the wind may be trapped under the patio roof and walls. I pulled the window to the firplace and cleaned off the powerpile and turned down the pilot being it seemed to be burning high with too much pressure. I took off the flue wall turmination and checked for any blockage ...none. I just dont see anything out of the ordinary so I guess Im asking if anyone has seen any problems on these units with wind or having them vent to a covered patio? Any ideas?

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    I'm supposing this has a Robertshaw pilot burner. These require thorough cleaning. You need to take the pilot orifice out and use a pipecleaner to throughly clean the inside of the pilot burner. There bare threads on doing this from a year or two ago if you do a search.

    The Robertshaw pilot orifice has a sqaure hole which can be impractical to clean in the field --- replacing it may be worthwhile.

    For intermittent pilot outages of the kind you describe, thoroughly cleaning the pilot burner and installing a new pilot orifice and properly adjusting the gas input will minimize the possibility that the pilot burner is causing the problem.

    Checking the venting system is good. You also should get the installation manual and inspect where the vent is permitted to terminate. As you suspect, if it's improperly located that can cause pilot outages of the kind you describe.

    Check the milivolt drops across the circuits ---bad switches or a bad draft limit switch, wiring or connections can cause this kind of problem too.

    And a defective gas valve can cause those symptoms too.

    Heh, heh! Fireplaces are fun, eh?

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