Hello, I'm a new homeowner. In my younger days I used to be a helper for a HVAC company in VA.
I just bought my house last Friday. When I came home from closing I found that the Central Air was not working and the breaker had been tripped. When I reset the breaker, I still got no air. The unit outside was spinning rather slowly and then breaker tripped again.

I wrote down the specs for the unit Goodman (Janitrol) and called to see if it was still under warranty. Just so happens that it expired early this year.

So my question is should I have a technician come out to repair or should I buy a new one? I know that seems like a crazy question since I don't know what the problem is, but the unit is a Janitrol and its only 10 SEER. In my day Janitrol (Goodman) was a low end product. I heard that they are better products now, but I'm sure 10 SEER is well below industry standards. I don't want to waste money and time trying to get it repaired when I should be buying a new one.

Here are the specs for my current one.

Goodman Single Package Gas-Electric Heating-Cooling Unit
Model Number GPG10481151A
Model Description 4T PKG Gas 10 SEER 115k 1PH

I have 2 systems, a small one with air handler for upstairs and the one in question (Gas Pack) for downstairs.

Thank you for your time.