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    Totaline 0441 thermostat trouble

    Hello everyone. We recently moved in here and called a company to check out the hvac system, which wasn't cooling very well. Everything looked good except the ducting, which the tech said was too small for our system. We had the ducting upgraded and the system works great now, except for the fact that the Totaline p/n 0441 thermostat seems to take too long to react to the temperature change. The system was running for 45 minutes and it was getting chilly, and meanwhile, the thermostat temp only dropped from 79 to 78. There is even a vent blowing near (but not directly on) the thermostat. I turned the ac off manually and the temp continued to drop over the next hour until it finally settled at 74. So it got there, but it just took too long to respond. Are there any settings that may affect this? Or does this pretty much mean that I need to replace it? thanks.

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    ive had my fair share of problems with totaline thermostats. could be the stat or it could be the hole not sealed up or the strange that took me forever to figure out. you could have a duct behind the thermostat that could fool with the temp reading. spend the money on a nice honeywell stat and seal up the hole where the wires come in and you should be set

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    Time to upgrade. Honeywell is the brand of choice for alot of us, myself included.
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    Thank you for the help guys.

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