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Thread: Touch Screen

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    Neat - The old one was seemingly bulletproof. I'm sure the new one won't be cheap either. 500+

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    check out exor eTOP series

    Don't know that you'll find touchscreen at $300

    We like the eXOR eTOP05 touchscreen. List is $750, with a 5.6" monochrome display.

    eTOP05 page is:

    The 05EB has enhanced monochrome and backlighting for additional $200.

    The 03 model has a smaller screen, and they have lots of other models with larger screens, color etc.

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    Not sure this merited a whole new thread, since it's so closely related to this one...

    I'm in need of a panel-mounted PC with touchscreen, but perhaps not even a full-blown PC, as all I really need is something with a Web browser to communicate with my Tridium AX...some sort of Web tablet, but a bit more robust than the Nokia N770 or similar PDA-type devices. It's going to be mounted in the door of a 16x16 electrical enclosure, so panel-mount is crucial, touchscreen is necessary, color display is NOT crucial (as all I'm going to be exposing from the control system will be text...customer hasn't paid for graphics, just a text display...). I see that there's been a few great suggestions for touchscreens - has anyone seen a decently priced panel-mount PC or Web tablet? So far, I've seen plenty of full-blown industrial PC's in the $1200 range, but I'd love to see something more economical.

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