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    I'm not fat and I'm not Eddy, I am 5'9 205 # low body fat, and run like a deer. its funny that its just my hands only.

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    well dont run on your hands then

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    5"9 and 205 Is over weight.
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    46 years old, doing this work since 10 yrs old. i will start to worry if something stops hurting at this point. hands are usually bad day after install, especially if lots of ductwork or gas piping involved.

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    My hands hurt too off and on. I've talked with doctors before and they say it's tendonitis. But if it keeps up it'll likely turn into carpel tunnel, fun eh?!

    I was told cold works, it'll hurt for a lil bit, but once it gets past that it'll help the healing.

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    Could be arthritis setting in. I've had that for a few years. Sometimes some of the anti-inflammatories help.

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    do my hands hurt

    Only when I put the up side of a persons head like yours!!

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    Get a carpel brace and wear it while your sleeping. Keeps your hands from folding-up. Pull your hand back 90° to your wrist, palm away, arm out stright using your other hand. I do this several times to both of mine every morning. Has nothing to do with carpel just good stretching exercise.
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    Hands hurt every morning along with a few other pieces of my body. I do have arthritis in the hands, hips and back. I take 2-3 BC Powders every morning and in no time the pain is gone. I do have to switch off to Ibuprofen every so often just to get my body less used to the aspirin. It could be carpel tunnel but usually that pain is more in the lower palm and wrists. Depending on what kind of tools you use you my need to go to a larger handle nut/screwdrivers, maybe with a soft grip and wrap the wrenchs with a rag to lesson the bluntness on the barehands.
    Is this a serious enough answer for you?

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    Is this the right course of action? You've seen a Doctor, now get answers here or get a professional second opinion.

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    Originally posted by Nevada
    Is this the right course of action? You've seen a Doctor, now get answers here or get a professional second opinion.
    No wait! I want to change my responce. I am not a Doctor but I play one while I am giving free breast exams. Dude you have made 400 post in the last month just in this forum. Nothing wrong with that, but consider that you may be on the keyboard quit a bit. Perhaps a wrist support for your keyboard and mouse might help.

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    hey did you crack your nuckles when you were younger? - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Horse , yes that is serious enough

    Penguin , Yes I did crack my knuckles a lot when I was younger

    Nevada, Even with four hundred posts, it is still a small amount of typing in relation to the total amount of typing that I do.

    Coolwhip , 5 9 205 is not fat on me. Maybe by some stupid military height and weight scale it is, but I am not fat. On that scale most athletes would be fat.

    Nevada again, Yes this is the right course of action. Its called gathering information from others with like experiences, apparently my doctor hands have never hurt. I'm not asking anyone here to prescribe mecicine for me just asking if they have had a similar problem.

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