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    Bedliner spray an entire truck?

    Has anyone had their entire trucks exterior coated with that polyurethane bedliner spray. A guy at an auto parts store told me he saw one whose exterior was sprayed and it looked good. I have a 96' Ford f150 that has all rebuilt tranny and motor but the exterior paint looks like garbage. Im not sure if painting it would be a waste of money or if this spray on liner would be cheaper and look cool. I dont do paint and body work so Im not looking to spend thousands on a paint job for such an old truck with 180,000 miles.
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    ive seen it done

    my next door neighbor had a 1 ton dually flat bed dodge,everything but the bed was sprayed,i think. It looked ok ..he used it on a ranch.
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    I've seen the hoods and fender flares done like that. It looks like primer if the rest of the truck is still painted.

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    I mentioned it to my son in law for his hunting rig, he had the outside and the floorboards on his Scout done.
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