I have come the realization that many of us here try to defeat posters whose only criteria is to create chaos. There are some in this section and even some of the same who post in HVAC oriented sections but most like to dwell in ARP as well.

The unnerving and uncomfortable conclusion I have come to is this; "chaos cannot be defeated".

That's right; we cannot defeat chaotic posts. Why not? Because the intent of a person who only wants to create chaos is to divert the attention of the issues at hand into meaningless drivel and so the more they are disputed, the more they can create more chaos.

Even when shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they have posted is totally wrong, the chaos minded poster will simply ignore the outcome and move on to the next chaotic point. There is no end to the nonsense that someone can come up with when their intent is to create chaos.

The only way to deal with chaos is to avoid the chaos. Going around chaos is impossible if you confront it. Confronting chaos immediately absorbs you into the chaos; you become part of the chaos.

War is what happens when nations no longer feel they can deal with or no longer wish to deal with chaos. This is of course not the only reason for war, but it certainly has a hand in every aspect of war. That is why war is so chaotic.

So, for anyone interested in reducing chaos in their life, you must discipline yourself to avoid the creation of chaos and move away from the chaos itself. It is nearly impossible to do this at all times but it is certainly possible to back out of a chaotic confrontation once you realize you are in one. The thing now, is to be able to recognize chaos.

To recognize chaos, look for irrelevance. Look for assaults on ideas with no solutions. Look for contradictions. These are all tools of the chaotic poster.