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    Yep I need to stick with it. I have been avoiding it for last 4- months. Just got blood tests back from my physical so there is the motivation. Will turn 51 next month and need to get off my butt on my time off. Was pretty happy with the tests being my triglicerides and cholesterol were really high this time last year. Well the triglycerides are down to 115 from over 200 and the cholesterol is down to 216.....ya I know not low enough but a lot better then it was. Was more worried about what the PSA would be and it was 1.050 so I feel real good about that. Glucose was 99, ok that could be better and LDL was 130 which they say is boarderline high risk. So if they show normal is 130 and Im at 130 and they say thats boarderline hight risk...... whats that mean? Hdl was 63 so I think thats ok from what they say. Oh well at least its better then last year so thats my motivation to stay away from burger joints, pop, and very much bread and pasta. Im trying....

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    Good for you, dec. Hang in there, the rewards far exceed the effort.

    Fitness is like a train. When you're out of shape you feel like it'll be a monumental effort to get things moving. Once you start picking up a little steam, you begin to experience some momentum and after awhile you want more. I've found that activity breeds activity. If I sit still too long I feel like I need to get up and something physical, even if it's nothing more than going outside for a walk.

    About ten years ago I found myself sloping toward the middle age bulge and lethargia. I didn't like the feel of that slide and began working out to turn it around. I learned a lot about working out from the place I worked at (they specialized in researching exercise and fitness) and that helped me more than anything. The more I learned about that stuff the more I wanted to make it real for myself. It's been a few years but when I turned forty I had extensive blood work done. The doctor was so impressed, he asked me flat out what I was doing to render that kind of a result. That only encouraged me more to keep on the track I'm still on today. I'm older, but I feel my life is more full and I have more energy than I did when I found myself sliding downhill ten years earlier.

    On rare occasions I'll hit a fast food joint, but at one time in my life it was a daily habit. I wouldn't go back to those ways for anything. Little exercise and eating ain't the way to ensure your later years will be good.

    Keep at it, dec. Sounds like you're doing good.
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    Yeah got to get those numbers down, My tri's were high. They told me to exercise more so I have been hitting the mill also. It can be pretty boring but I have to approach it as I do work. Just got to get up and go.

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