I have always been interested in buildings in Las vegas, even whan I was a kid.

Never really made plans to go there or looked into it (Not yet anyway)

Anyway, it seems that quite a few of the old buildings in vagas have been demolished.

Every now and then on TV, you see them showing buildings being blown up, or torn down. Today they showed an entire casino and hotel being blown down to dust.

I saw this several years ago with the tall round hotel (Can't even remember the name of it.)

My question is, WHY?

Vegas is such on old city with so much history, why not preserve it and keep it the same?

I have heard at least one person say that they went to vegas 30 years ago and recently went back, and the whole strip has changed.

If it were up to me, I would try to keep the city as much the same as possible.

I must say, as much interst as I have taken in vegas over the years, I really have no interest in visiting it. Why, you ask?

Frankly, I want to see what vegas USED to be, not the way some new architect THINKS it should look like after so much hard work went into it many years ago.

Just imagine how those origional architects must feel, now that the buildings they worked so hard to design and build are just gone, and all because someone with some bigger and better idea can make them huge amounts of money.

And the actual contruction workers who built those buildings? WHEW! If I was a part of the crew who worked so hard to build a nice skyscraper only to have it torn down by someone only a few decades later, I'd be pretty ticked off.

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