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    I noticed that if you open the driver's door on a Chevy 1500 while it is going 60 mph down the highway all the trash on the floor board is sucked out.

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    Nevada, are you the same guy who another member asked us all to NOT read any of your threads?

    My word ... your funny.

    Why wouldnt anyone not want to read your stuff?

    Heck, I've done dumber stuff that opening the door at sixty .... and I lived to tell about it

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    Earlier you said you drove a Ford Ranger.
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    its old age hes got altheimers and cant remember anymore

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    Originally posted by a\c don
    Earlier you said you drove a Ford Ranger.
    I do, and thanks for paying attention. But the van that passed me and took a dump as he was speeding away was not me, and also not an HVAC guy. The only thing that "our" people dump on the highways is flex duct and extension ladders.

    R12rules, keep clicking. There is more where that came from. Disadvantage of having a life is I was here to see Antomomus' attract last night. On his next visit he'll have to post to each new thread to so you what why you shouldn't. I think James' thread to boycott my stupid post had more people to sign up under it. The next few weeks I am going to be to busy again anyway.

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