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    Building material prices are sky rocketing due to the energy situation and the hurricanes. One supplier told me just wait till they rebuild those areas hard hit by the hurricanes and all material prices will go up thru the roof. For example a month ago I was pricing OSB decking sheets. They were about 7.50. Today the same materials are over 15.00. Comparable plywood is 20 bucks! Reported shortages on cement etc etc.

    Now I am wondering if this will have any impact on the used housing market. That is to say houses built pre-hefty price increases may be under valued to todays higher priced materials. And I also wonder about the new housing market in general.

    I also wonder if the builders who have subdivisions started will try and pass the costs along or try and build smaller houses? Or maybe even not build at all until the prices come down.

    Would a good used house look more attractive to a buyer based on new housing costs with inflated material costs?

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    When Andrew hit Florida, it was difficult to get materials in Canada.

    Has been a high demand on materials since last years storms, many places to be fixed from damage from last years storms in Florida and the Caribbean.

    Supply and demand, try and make an insurance claim based on today's material prices and you are now under insured.

    If you have a home in the hurricane belt that has not been damaged you may want to get it evaluated, documented and properly insured, so that next time the insurance adjustors come, and it is to see you,they cannot claim you were under insured.
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    lets see, in a years time ya,all have had Ivan stop by and say hi

    then his brother Dennis stopped in for a brief ---then sister katrina -and riter

    would you run down there and buy a house?

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    We should be drilling for oil in the ANWR in order to have more diverse sources of suply and cutting old growth timber in the Pacific NW in order to have the timber supplies we need for people.

    Do I need to explain to you what to do with the owls?

    Seattle Pioneer

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    Hell all the common sense has gone out the window. You got a bunch of nuts out there trying to force everyone to live the way they want to live. Just look at the actors, polititions, enviromentalists, Singers you name it that are trying to run everyone elses lives. Now you really dont see them throwing much money at solving things, just saying the goverment should. just watch the waste of money to come. their opinion....WHO CARES ABOUT THE KIDS COMING UP, I WANT MINE.

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