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    Mobile Computer Organizing

    I put all my service calls and notes on a laptop in my Ford Ranger which really helps to organize my day.

    Notes on my laptop.

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    It is also provides great source of entertainment....

    And accesses to a lot of great knowledge.

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    Notes on my laptop

    OK, the post-its are notes "on" my laptop. Now the information in it consist of everything I have ever done. All service call records are organized in Excell and Access files and can be quickly pulled up. A scanned copy of every Service Invoice is available with detailed discription plus and "For the record" remarks I added afterwards. I use a jumpdrive for information that is updated so I want have to remove or link it ot my desktop PC.

    Other available information that is stored includes phone book, mannuals, technical notes, and a electronic mapping program which I can use "push-pins" to mark places of calls. This small tool replaces 2 milk crates of references plus saves 10x that much space of information that I would not normally have on board.

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