Thanks for your frank and honest assessment. We were away for a week so turned the system off to deal with when we returned last Saturday.

I pulled the unit out to drill a new hole and screw the rentention head as the blast tube was burned away 1/4" on one side but the head still covers the side of the tube.

After reattaching the head, the unit still "pops" when firing so I suspect a pump or other problem.

I have called another company to assess the situation and if necessary will replace the burner unit and also get it PROPERLY tuned.

jdenyer, you stated "I'm not that far from you, if you would like to have someone take a look at your burner for you."

I am out of town Oct 11-13 but back late 13th so around on Friday 14th - try my cell 267-994-7077 if you are available.



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