ycas0198fb6yfadb sn# rakms190aa This unit had sat out in a field for at least 5 years before it was shipped to current location to be used for comfort cooling application. I believe it was previously used as a process chiller because of the way it was set up, 27 degree discharge water, 20 degree low water temp cut out, gycol. No one actually knew if it would run when it arrived. One circuit was void of charge other one had half charge. pressurized both circuits, make leak repairs and pulled down to 200 microns, wieghed in 407c charge. All water piping, coils,pumps attached are new. Two 100 ton water coils installed on 100% outside air reznors. Circuit 1 has 100 ton compressor circuit 2 has 82 ton compressor. This is the problem, unit has one 70 ton sporlan txv for each circuit. With both water coils operating I cannot bring the operating I cannot keep the unit running within the operating parameters specifically the superheat which will climb to 50 degrees on #1 circuit and 27 degrees on #2 circuit. Both circuits will under feed no matter what step the compressor is in. When I degrease the load to 100 tons,basically disabling one water coil everything falls into place, 9 to 12 degrees superheat and 16 to 18 degrees subcooling plus the unit plus with decreased load compessors unload properly and motor current comes in line. I did change processor to water from gycol and water set point to 45 degrees. I also verified mechanically all processor readouts. After all this I come to the conclusion that the chiller has the wrong txvs two 70 ton valves. Remember I have NO idea of any history of this machine. Any input would be appreciated.