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    Sonny to hit Georgia!

    The worst is yet to come. The latest “Sonny” is building up strength and expected to hit Georgia with extreme devastation. It is predicted that Sonny will be the worst thing that has happen to Georgia in over 130 years. Homes and lives will be ruin. There seems to be no escaping, and Sonny’s destruction will be felt all over the state and beyond. It is feared that Sonny will knock the state back into the 20th Century. Most cannot or will not flea, and have decided to wait out Sonny’s waft in hope it won’t last too long. Democratic leaders are urging for Georgia to be declared a state of emergency before Sonny has a chance to do his damage. God have mercy on all of them.

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    The second post of this thread is where Jamie would normally chime in with the attitude that no one else has any smarts and inform you that this thread is about Governor Sonny Perdue.

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    Then I would come back and post smillies.

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