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    I have concerns about condensate from Comfortmaker
    C9MPD050 installed in unheated attic area.
    Used 3/4 pvc for condensate which i ruffed in to cellar area,
    put heat tape on trap.
    Your thoughts please.

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    Depending on location, you may want to heat tape the entire drain. We are in SC and normally only heat tape the trap, but last year we had some bitter cold days (the first in several years) and had some problems with drains freezing up where they exited the house.


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    A 90% in an attic is a bad idea in my mind. As long as it is running all is well. When it fails in the dead of winter next thing you know is it is all froze up. Condensate, secondary heat exchanger, anywhere there in moisture.

    We have installed them in attics as long as a small room is built around them, and a secondary heat sourse is installed to protect the furnace, electric basebaord heat for example.

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