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    Need a little help

    I'm new here. Home owner, we purchased the house about 4 years ago. Both inside units were replaced a year or so before we purchased the house. My downstairs system simply cannot keep up on hot days. Very little air flow coming out of the registers. Doing a little investigating prior to calling a service company and I noticed the coil in my attic is a trane model number TXC042C4HPC0. Looking at documentation online this model number is for a heat pump. My system is has a gas furnace not a heat pump. Can this mismatch cause issues? I also noticed the supply plenum is very small. Same size as the outlet of the coil but only 18" long with four flex ducts that take up both sides. Most plenums in my other homes were much larger that this one. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    i think all trane id coils are hp coils

    sounds like you need to call your service tech
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    Not knowing all the particulars of your situation it sounds just by what you are posting that your issues might be more of airflow and duct design issue than anything. I would recommend that you have a professional tech come out and take a look at it.

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    That really isnt enough information to offer any substantial help. Just call a qualified local service technician and let him diagnose the problem and tell you then.

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    Thanks folks, the company that installed this unit is known for some bad installations in my area. I just wanted to make sure the coil is okay to use with a furnace and not designed for only heat pumps. I thought this could be restricting the flow. The plenum is just very short. The two flex ducts mounted on each side barely fit. I alway thought there should be a distance between the end of the plenum and the last tie-in. Thanks again. sorry I don't know enough to provide more detials.

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