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    Confused trane LCI card to I-Vu open link

    hello everybody

    i have a big problem i installed seven trane LCI Modules to communicate with my I-Vu using a SLTA-10 adapter and I-Vu open link i got everything wired but now im trying to find out what is a SNAP Program in the instructions it says i need to use that program.

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    From my limited knowledge SNAP is the equivalent of Eikon from ALC. Eikon is a software application used to create custom and Equipment Builder programs for ALC manufactured controllers (ALC, Libert, OEM, i-Vu?). Hopefully Dracula pops up as he knows the Carrier system quite well.

    kontrol out
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    Snap 5.1 integration sample

    Attached is a sample "Snap" integration program with Carrier Ivu Snap.

    Contact your local Carrier Ivu distribution representative to sign
    up for a class, and get the software.

    Cost for training and software is not too bad compared to others, and
    it is easy as heck to program. The have a system that you can answer
    some configuration questions, and it will automatically create programs and graphics, or you can do complete custom programs and graphics if
    you so desire.


    Name:  IntegrationSnap5-1.png
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