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    Rough in begins next week on a new house. Bryant equipment (14 SEER AC, 95% VS furnace). My dealer does not have experience with Evolution controller. He proposes to install other Bryant thermostat. My concern is that non Evolution controller will not take advantage of VS as would the Evolution.

    Let's set aside option of finding a new dealer.

    I'd like to request the dealer to install Evolution thermostat as opposed to other Bryant thermostat. Let's say he agrees. What problem will an installer have in correctly setting up the Evolution controller? I understand installation may not be the problem, but I've read posts here that indicate that the more capable (complex) controllers can render the system's performance less than optimal due to improper set-up?

    Is it just a matter of the installer taking the time to read and apply the information in the installation material?


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    You're paying the bill so you should get what you want. I have an Infinity system and it is so comfortable in the winter.

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    It's really very simple,4 wires ,and it almost sets itself up.But YES they sholud at least reda the manual,maybe even attend the training.

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    only four wires for the t-stat pretty simple get the t-stat for the unit it is a helpful tool in noing when filter is dirty also dirty filter wil shut system down to let you know to change the thing infinity is a good system

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    I am a Carrier Dealer (which is the same as Bryant) and I have installed many Infinity Controls. It is very simple and it walks you right through the setup. You could actually not ever read the manual and install this unit, not that I recommend doing that. It is a very nice unit. The one area that it really stands out from other t-stats is if your using a humidifier, it will take full advantage of the "ideal humidity" technology. It also has many other nice features, but none of which are absolutely neccessary. Its your call...dont let the installers lack of experience discourage you from getting it, he has to learn sometime and there no time like the present!

    Dave in NJ

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