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    First, I don't get my information from the Internet, so Harry will have to find a link for those who have no other means to connect to the outside world.

    This is gang initiation weekend. It works like this: New recruits will drive down the road after dark with their headlight off. When an on coming motorist flashes their light to get their attention and tell them to turn their lights on, they are to chase them down and kill them.

    Hey, I don't make it up, I just report it. A couple of thoughts; why can't they go after something that would ensure their freedom to remain stupid such as a local terrorist cell, and with knowledge of this wouldn't a smart move for law enforcement be to properly equip personnel in plain vehicles and have them cruise the streets flashing and warning gangster that they have their lights off. Somehow I don't thing that Monday's headlines will read, "Several Gang Murder Attempts spoiled."

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    I first heard that story way back in '42...I mean '92.
    Read, read, read!

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    urban legend,heard that one years ago.

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    Welcome to 1993, and an urban legend at that........

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    As I've said before...Those who thrive on controversy will create their own when needed...and sometimes get caught red handed.

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    I think I've heard and seen something similar before. The initiation into the HVAC world by brazing with out nitrogen. Seems that when a new recruit is initiated into the "group" he is taught to braze with out nitrogen. Should he complete this task he'll be accepted into the group. The problem is so many never vary from this initiation, but hurts many innocent people in the process.

    No urban legend there! lol

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    if you are so scared nevaduh just stay home and turn all the lights off.

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