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    I worked on a Vermont Castings gas stove that had one of those new Honeywell milivolt gas valves with an integral circuit board to operate a remote control.

    What a pain! I had to take the whole **** thing apart in order to clean the pilot, and the circuit board looks as delicate as hell, and it looks as though the circuit board and gas valve go together as a single unit.

    My theory is that Dilbert and his co-workers are actually designing gas fireplaces, not software. And I think this was one of their projects.

    Needless and rather pointless complexity, that is going to cost someone a good many bucks when it breaks and needs replacement.

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    Know its a old thread but man, the dilbert comment made me laugh so hard. Just last week came across that valve and had to lower the big financial boom. That conversion and cost to do is ridiculous. Thanks for the posts on the board going back and learning alot about the field with some laughs along the way.

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