I need some help here. I am looking at 2 different furnace/A/C sytems right now - a Armstrong Ulta V 95% AFUE furnace with 13 seer A/C and the Bryant Evolution 94% AFUE furnace with 16.4 seer, 2-speed A/C. I have found 2 reputable dealers that I'm willing to give either my business. Warranty is the same with both. The only different is the price. Although, I am willing to spend a little more for better quality and comfort, is the differences between these 2 units really worth it?

Please answer if you can?
Which unit:
1.) Has had fewer problems (more reliable)?
2.) Will maintain tempature and comfort better?
3.) Has the best quality and will ultiately last longer?

Also, I live in WI - is the extra SEER rating (16.4) 2-stage really cost effective seeing as we only use A/C during the summer months.

I appreciate all comments and suggestions. I enjoy this forum. Thanks!