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    Pretty crazy Pat, one thing for sure, when stuff like that happens, it is almsot always something you never could have predicted, it is a dangerous biz, no doubt.
    Now forget it and go out tonight and really get lucky, .
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


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    Thanks for the wake-up call, glad you and the house are OK... Just think, if you had burned your hands then you really wouldn't be getting any!

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    Wow, that had to put a few gray hairs on your chest.

    People dont realize (sometimes WE dont) what a dangerous job we do everyday. Sometimes you have to step back and think about that I think...
    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    Originally posted by benncool
    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    When I read you "got lucky", I thought; well, you "got lucky".

    Meeeee too! I was just going to shout, "WAY TO GO, PAT!"
    My first thought too. But then I remembered........ First time I ever saw one of those things I wanted to pitch a tent and camp by it. When Pat disappears for a couple of weeks........ We'll know.
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
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    Whats a slop bucket for the pigs? - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

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    That's never happened to me.
    One thing that has happened when I was a newbe is using a soot vac in the combustion chamber and sucking up a hot burning chunk of soot. This caused the vacuum bag to smolder. I had to take it outside and pour water all over the bag.

    On another no heat call when I was new, I thought I had cleaned the heat exchanger out pretty good after a sooted up boiler.
    The boiler was cold and was wet. When I fired it off the flames got so big the smoke pipe got cherry red and flames were going up the chimney. I blocked of the air inlet to the burner and the inspection door. The flames starved for oxygen before the smoke pipe fell apart. All that wetness was an oil soaked heat exchanger and chamber. A bucket of speedi dry later and more vacuuming and brushing and it was safe again. This definitely could have turned out very badly.

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