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    That pissed them off!

    I couldn't use Blockbusters sucks for a thread title becasue I saw someone use that before. This is about blockerbuster's online DVD service. They are not the best, at least not for me. I also use net flix which has a mail distribution point in the city where our main us postal distribution is. Thus with net flix I get one day mail service. But back to BB, half the dvds that I request are scrached, broken, lost in the mail, or not delivered on the day promised. On their site they have a link to report DVD issues such as the many I am experiencing. I utilize it hoping to help them improve their service. Check out our brief email traffic.

    On 7/26/05, BLOCKBUSTER Online wrote:
    Hello Sam, We hope you are enjoying your BLOCKBUSTER Online membership. We've noticed that in the time you've been with us you have reported a number of issues with DVD shipments getting lost or damaged in the mail. We know incidents beyond anyone's control occasionally happen with our DVD shipments. We take these issues seriously, and we are working closely with the U.S. Postal Service in your area to monitor the quality of your service. To ensure that you are receiving the most efficient shipping possible: Verify your shipping address at Contact your local post office or mail carrier to make sure that the DVDs> are delivered to your mailbox and not left in a visible location. Of course, even with these precautions, problems can still occur. If a DVD Is Lost or if a DVD doesn't arrive within 3 business days of its ship date, please let us know at We will send either a replacement disc or the next available DVD in your Queue as soon as possible. The option is yours. Please understand that if an unusual number of issues are reported, your account may be placed on hold while we investigate. If a DVD Does Not Play We regularly run each DVD through a special DVD wash process to minimize disc errors. Despite this process, dust, lint, and fingerprints may still build up on the DVD and the internal mechanisms in a DVD player. If a DVD is unplayable, wipe the back of the DVD with a lint-free cloth. You may also want to consider running a DVD player cleansing disc through your DVD player regularly. If the DVD is still unplayable or visibly damaged, report the problem at Remember that all damaged DVDs need to be returned regardless of their condition or they will be considered lost. If you have any questions or concerns regarding either DVD Issues or other aspects of your BLOCKBUSTER Online service, please consult our FAQs or feel free to contact us online via Customer Service. Thanks, Your Friends at BLOCKBUSTER Online

    There was a note at the end that said do not respond to this automatic generated email but I clicked "reply" anyway.

    My responce:

    Here is another thought..... STOP SENDING DAMAGED DVDs!

    About each week one of the DVDs you send is not playable. I do not believe they are being damaged in the mail, but are aready bad before you mail them. When someone reports a DVD as damaged, do not put it back on the shelf. Even the ones that I can play, I have to clean first.

    I am still with you but I am not happy with the service.


    A different tone.

    Re: BLOCKBUSTER Online: Shipping Issues

    Response (Blockbuster Online) 07/27/2005 08:43 AM
    Dear Valued Customer,

    We sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused. This e-mail was sent to ensure that our customers understand when and how to report DVD issues on their BLOCKBUSTER Online account. We sincerely apologize if this e-mail was found to be offensive or accusatory in any way.

    They're rasing their rates in January 2006, but I'll dump them before then.

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    yu find a movie you like and report it missing in the mail

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    Thumbs down Blockbuster dvd's

    Tried Blockbuster's online dvd by mail service, once! Of the two dvd's i requested, one wouldn't play at all, the other was the wrong title, which, when i tried to watch it anyway, skipped from the beginning of the first chapter to the beginning of each chapter all the way to the end. I cancelled immediately, but blockbuster took their money anyway, and it took me two more months to get my refund. Then they kept emailing me asking why i cancelled and what could they do better in the future. I kept emailing them back telling them to stop emailing me because they didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of ever mailing me another dvd. I should've listened to my wife the first time, she told me to tell them what they needed to do (inspect the disks before shipment, verify the correct disk being issued). Blockbuster kept emailing me so finally i took my wifes advice and emailed them with what they needed to do and I haven't heard from them since! Funny isn't it? And i hate when she's right!

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    OK guys fill me in. You rent your DVD's over the internet and they send them to you in the mail.

    You then have to mail them back. Why not just run to the video store down the street?

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    OK guys fill me in

    I still do, but with the internet order\postal mail type you pay a monthly fee for "unlimited" usage.

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    Re: OK guys fill me in

    Originally posted by heatmon
    I still do, but with the internet order\postal mail type you pay a monthly fee for "unlimited" usage.
    Guess what, you can do the SAME THING at the local BlockBuster store. Something like 14.95 a month for unlimited rentals.

    Personally I think the people who order movies online are one of two things, either too far from a video store or just to lazy to go.

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    I've been using Netflix as opposed to local video rental stores like Blockbuster because of their much better selection of older movies, classics, etc.

    For the basic plan of around ten bucks a month I get 6-7 movies (one at a time), I can search their entire collection, read detailed reviews of the films, get recommendations, add to my queue, know that it's available and when I'll receive it.

    I never have to go to the video store with a movie wish list only to leave empty handed, ever again.

    I don't see it as lazy at all, it's more a matter of not wasting precious time, energy and gas.

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