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    So does that supprise you? I just expected they to put at least a half trillion into repairing New Orleans before it would flood again. Its a city in a whole , what do you expect. Soory guys, I know a lot of you dont agree but there going to throw a lot of money at a city that should not have been built where it is. So how long will it be till it floods again after it is rebuilt, 1-2-3 years . Who knows but you never know it might only be a couple years? I just dont get the idea that you have to rebuild being its New Orleans.....A bad idea is a bad idea no matter how much money you throw at it.

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    I saw Donald Trump on TV yesterday questioning the logistics of building a city below sea level. He did support however the idea of rebuilding NO. I think you just have to. I do think it's time to rethink the levee setup and pumping stability. And that evacuation plan could use a LOT of scrutiny.
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    When it flooded from the hurricane in 98, I think. The goverment paid people to relocate so to speak. If they rebuilt there it was at their own risk and no $ later if it happened again. Kinda like living in a bowl. Some have rebuilt. Others down east have their trailers and some houses 8-10' up off the ground after it flooded there also.
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    Are you out in Montana dec?
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