You said it well. I have similar thoughts.
I know I will get mugged for this, but many, many of the problems today are directly due to the start of the 'welfare programs'. Thats when the government became our parents. Thats when we started to discover that we were not responsible for ourselves. It also helped create the population explosion. It is when we let the government take control.
Now we have a government that is at least 3 times too big and into many areas that the government should not be into, like into our homes, telling us how we should deal with our children - they are the ones that started telling people how to raise their children - you do this(or don't do this ) or will arrest you, and charge you with abuse.
Also we have let the minority rule - even when the minority is just one or two people - such as the prayer in school fiasco.

Oh well nuf said,
PS - I don;t read papers or watch the news anymore - haven't for years