Well I'm in the early stages of the basement remodel in my house. By early stages, it's about 99.9% thinking/dreaming of what to do lol.

Anyway, where the mechanical room is likely to be, there won't be a floor drain (unless I get excited and dig a trench, install a floor drain, bah, ain't happening). I know how to ditch the condensate from the A/C, but what's a good thing to do with that pop off valve? I know I've been in rooms w/o floor drains before, but I guess I've never paid any attention to what they did. It won't move very far from where it's at, but right now it's just going to dump on the floor if it ever goes off, not exactly how I'd like to cristen my new remodel.

I was thinking of lifting it up a few inches, putting a pan under it (seen them sold at the wearhouse's), then pipe that into the condensate? Seems like a somewhat safe plan. I guess if it decided to let all 80 gallons out I'm screwed, but if it only dumps a few out, the pump/pan should contain it fairly well.

Anywho, suggestions, or advice on what to?