My daughter arrived tonight .... fleeing Rita ... from Houston area.

Eleven hours, half of which were spent just getting to the interstate.

She brought the three grandkids.
AND the three dogs .... AND the three cats.


Thankfully, the grandson brought his shot gun. AND a big bag of ammo.....

two dogs are tied outside. If we still have a porch standing in the morning ... we should be alright.
The cats however ... are NOT outside. They're exploring every inch of the living room ... where the grandkids and I are sleeping ... my daughter's got my spot in the bedroom. I usually give it to her so she can spend some time catching up with her Mother.

I'm spending the night in the recliner.
No biggee.

But them cats .... I've already started sneezing.

I wonder how kitty cats would react to pookee in their litterbox?
Maybe a little ductape on the floor near their waterdish...

naw .... that would be cruel.

I dont wanna be mean ...

Family ... nothing on Earth like having family. And being together.