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    I need to learn something about Mozilla. This is the way I roll. When I am on any web page, especially here, and want to open a link I like to right click and and select the OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW option. Fine. BUT! I want the new window to be a RESTORE size window not fully open (MAXIMZED). How do I do that.

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    Hmm... from what i expecirnce, it seems to open to the same format as the window you have open.

    Like when this one is not using the entire screen, neither does the one I open.

    I can tell you where MOST of the options are if you want to PLAY around.
    Go to -->Tools -->Internet Options --> Advanced

    One of the first things I always do is un check the box that says "reuse window for short cuts" or something like that. I don't like it re using the window.

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