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It sounds like the bible-thumpers are getting a little miffed because we wont join their super cool club.

Note the air of superiority in their wording:

"You Atheists"
" Worthless hippies"

Typical Christian thinking: believe what i beleive or i'll hurt you.

I didnt want this thread to get to a heated mud-slinging, but it seems like the religious folk just had to have it that way. The non-believers are the ones who are playing it cool. Maybe because we know nobody is watching us so we live a more liberated laid-back life.

Obviously when you are on this site you are going to get some mud slinging. Usually it comes from the usual suspects. However, not everyone thinks this way. I was raised in a Catholic home but I am constantly questioning faith, religion and even the existence of a creator. Everyone has struggles in life and this is mine. I have many agnostics and atheists in my social circle. I have to say that they are the name callers, insulters, instigators and close minded ones. I think that atheists lead the leauge in whining and complaining that no one respects their point of view.

Personally, I really don't care how or what you believe. I have tried defending my religion and my belief in God time and time again. The more I try and defend it the more I doubt what I believe and why. Then I come to sites like this and read every different opinion and interpretation I can immagine. You have the hard line fundamentalists, the historical and anthrapological students, the atheists, and those who seem to just go with the flow. Who's right? There are those on here who think I am going to hell because I am Catholic, those who think that others are going to hell because they are not Catholic, and those who don't believe in hell.

I guess the more I learn, the more I have come to the conclusion that all we can do is hold true to what we believe in our own hearts. I certainly am not going to judge another human being on his/her religious affiliations.