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    Benjamin Moore Aquavelvet.

    Goes on like butter, beautiful finish, hides well, nice to work with & clean-up.

    Pricey but worth it.

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    Originally posted by 747ken
    There is a characteristic of paint, I think it's called bonding or blocking, where water-based painted surfaces will stick together after the paint drys. Like a cabinet door against the cabinet. Sometimes chunks of paint will rip off where the surfaces touched. I painted a cabinet with Ameritone paint, let the paint dry 2 months, but it still bonded together. That's the last Ameritone paint I'll buy.

    What you need to use when painting cabinets or over smooth shiny surfaces (surfaces that are non porous is a primer paint. It depends on what you are painting on what type of primer you use. It doesn't matter what type of paint you use, it'll all peel if you don't prime it first. I even roughen up walls painted with semi gloss with a light grit sand paper before painting. It makes for a more even paint job.

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