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    I live in Denver and I need to replace two residential GFA furnaces, one 70,000 Btu and one 110,000 Btu. I have two estimates, one for Maytag and one for Amana variable speed two-stage units. Maytag warranty is 10 yrs P&L, Amana 5 yrs parts. Big price difference -- is the Maytag worth 20% more $$? Should I insist on another brand, or pass on either of these brands? Where can I go for reviews or recommendations?

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    You'll get a lot of different brand preferences here, so it does get a little confusing, I'd say keep getting more estimates, no one said 2 is the limit.
    See who you feel more comfortable with, then make your decision.

    I like Trane/Carrier equipment myself.

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    Head spinning from info overload

    I'm in Boulder and am up to 5 estimates (American standard and an unknown next week) and my head is spinning.
    All for two-stage variable with a/c.
    For furnances bids have been on Amana, RUUD, Lennox, Trane.
    A/C - RUUD, Lennox, Goodman, Trane.

    I've been told silicon nitrate ignitors are good, I've been told to avoid them.
    I've been told Goodman has come a long way and has the best warranty and was highly rated by Consumer Digest. I've been told to avoid Goodman.

    The only person who did a load calcualtion was the Amana AMV9/goodman CLQ estimate. And he talked about how important the installation was and pointed me to this site. He indicated that silicon nitrate ignitors were much better than the previous silicate ignitors which got brittle and cracked. He also indicated that Amana was the only company to use a stainless steel (vs alumnized stainless steel) heat exchanger.

    The first Lennox estimate was for a:
    a G60UHV 2 stage vs furnance
    and HS26-036 a/c

    The RUUD estimate is for a UMAC and Sihouette II Plus 2 LXE
    They use a spark ignitor and said silicon nitrate ignitors were to be avoided.

    The second Lennox estimate was for a:
    G60 (non variable speed)
    and HSX12 or 13ACC.

    The Lennox estimates for 2-stage w/out variable speed were as much as the the others with variable speed. Variable speed with Lennox seems to add about 20% to the furnance cost.

    The Trane estimate was slightly less than Lennox but with an attractive rebate, both from Trane and the local utility company. They're the only ones that make their own scroll compressor and don't use Copeland (I think this is the name).

    How do I start sorting all this out to determine what's important and not just marketing? I'm not looking to go with the cheapest bid, but I need some criteria for sorting out what's worth the cost and what's not.

    I think I've decided that 2 stage variable speed is a good way to go, with the ever changing Colorado weather and hot/cold spots in the house.

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