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Thread: Grizzly tools

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    Anybody ever used grizzly tools? Particularily there sheetmetal tools?
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    grizzly tools

    I bought a drill from them. It burned up the first time I used it. I sent it back and they sent me a new drill that performed in exactly the same manner and once again I sent it back. They sent me drill number three and it lasted two days and repeated the burn up process. They did send my money back. I bought a six foot metal break before that. I still have it and it works fine.

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    my father in law buys stuff from them

    figure for that reason alone they must be junk

    this is the same guy that thinks black and decker is good quality

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    We have a stomp shear and a 4' box/pan break from grizzly.

    Obviously not the best quality tools out there, we use them every day and they are holding up fine and work great.

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    I have the 53" stomp shear.

    Used the livin crap out of it for 6 years now and I can still cut a sheet of paper with it. My wife actually likes to use it to trim photos. Very sharp. Im happy with it.
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    I have purchased and used quite a few tool sfrom Grizzly. Some are good, some are not. I have had good success with their 48" Box and Pan brake, their metal bandsaw, and their electric shears. Some of their pneumatic tools are pretty decent as well. The drill press I bought from them absolutely sucked though. I called them and said I was not happy, and they would not take it back because it had been used. I asked how would know it sucked if I didn't use it. We gave it away and bought a Craftsmen that worked great. I also bought a milling machine and lathe from them as well, and they worked great.

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    Lightbulb caveat emptor

    They are importers. You are supporting Hop Sing and co. That said, they run their company pretty well. Just keep in mind there's a reason for the prices on many things. Some are terific bargains and others you get what you pay for.

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