Im getting desperate here... as many others im sure posting on this site.

Heres my gear


Pannel: TP-PRH
Air exchange: HRVCCSVA1100
Humidifier: HUMCCLBP
Coil/air handler: FY4ANF030

A/C : YZB 03011B

Now my issue is i cant get the climate under control, im not sure whos the boss! When i ask for (bare with me here im Canadian) 20 - 22 celcius with 40% humidity. then the COOL kicks on to try to lower the humidity. Now the tempature drops to 19-18 celcius and then i call quits and change the settings since the humidity is still at about 48-46%... now the heat kicks on and i get back to a normal 21-22. then when 23 kicks in the COOL goes to work and brings it down a notch... but with the humidity so high we freeze our SSA off.

Now here is what i have done.

-Closed the air exchange to prevent outside humidity to come in
-Closed the humidifyer valve to prevent any water from going into it

Now i dont know what to do? Can someone give me the basics of how my system thinks so we can work together?

Thanks for your help!