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    Hey everyone, just joined the forum to get some information on a HVAC system I needed to replace due to recent hail damage. Besides finding out what the best unit is to purchase (which looking at the forum I can gather), the next most important maybe the most (to some) is the cost of said system.

    My question is why would this site prohibt such a important facet of the selection of a HVAC system? I can understand regional variances in cost associated with cost of living and parts availablity, but forbidding a member to state his cost on systems raising questions for me. I know there are numerous differences from one install to the next, but a Trane XL20i 3 ton split system should be rather close no matter where you live.

    I have went through 5 HVAC companies over the last 45 days trying to sift through over inflated bids from compainies. I finally went through a friend of a friend to find one and I was flabbergasted at how much I was going to pay before I took the time to get the right contractor. Maybe it because they knew it was insurance work, I don't know, but that shouldn't matter. Fair is fair and right is right. The ability to post this type of information keeps people honest. Not allowing does raises questions as to why it is not allowed. I have read the rules, and yeah there are some valid points, but IMO there is no reason to censor this information.

    I guess that is why Angie's List is so successful. I would recommend anyone who is about to invest $$-$$k on a new system spend the $$ bucks and research the companies first.

    Just my $ cents

    Post #3 is a good start for your answer. But this is not the place for your question.
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    because the owners have decided that $$$$ will not be discussed in the open forums

    you can always buy this website and change the rules any way you see fit
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    Welcome here and thanks for reading the rules FIRST!

    Every house is different. Every contractor is different. Every job is a different distance from the contractor. Etc. etc........

    Sometimes there needs to be some ductwork upgrades done that the low bid guy won't do, but the good contractor won't do the job without.

    HVAC contractors are not selling appliances. They come to your house and design then build a heating and cooling system for you. The parts and pieces come in boxes but if the wrong person puts them together they won't work properly.

    Don't automatically choose the lowest bid! Take time to contact friends, relatives, neighbors. Ask them who they use, who they're comfortable with. If the HVAC contractor gives you references CONTACT THEM. Ask them how their experience went.
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